Advintell is a French competitive intelligence, strategy consulting and business diplomacy company. We support and secure our clients' business strategies in complex environments, mainly in Africa, Near East and Middle East.

We offer tailor-made approaches to establish commercial channels, address relevant contacts, prevent financial and ethical risks, and weaken their impacts.

Our services cover the entire compliance cycle of a business relationship by conducting due diligence, implementing compliance standards in the provision of business opportunities, and investigating ethical and financial issues.

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Competitive Intelligence

The collection of high value-added information and its analysis by our consultants and sector experts produces contextualised and actionable intelligence.

  • Sectoral and competitive analyses, mapping of players and business contexts, monitoring of electronic and human sources
  • Targeted strategic studies in preparation for a commercial or industrial operation
  • Situation assessments on ethical, financial and geopolitical risks
  • Compliance and reputation due diligences in support of ethical and financial risk assessments
Business diplomacy and intermediation

The detection and evaluation of business opportunities through our network of agents, local relays and privileged contacts prepare the definition and implementation of efficient commercial channels.

  • Sectoral and regional prospective studies
  • Search for commercial opportunities and outlets
  • Technical and investment consortium to obtain private or public contracts
  • Advice to decision-makers for the implementation of commercial operations, search for contacts and setting up of relationships
Export advice and support
The realisation of business opportunities requires the constitution and monitoring of adequate administrative procedures, to ensure compliance with the law and business ethics.
  • Constitution and monitoring of export files, management of export control procedures, evaluation
  • Definition and implementation of the best compliance standards in the commercial or industrial process
Investigations and support to internal teams
Demonstrating the conditions under which financial, ethical and legal risks occur allows us to identify their human, technical and contextual causes, and promotes resilience by implementing recommendations.
  • Investigation of cases of fraud, corruption and unfair competition
  • Litigation and arbitration support
  • Creation of ad hoc teams of experienced investigators and sector experts, either independently or in support of internal audit teams
  • Development of recommendations and support for their implementation on site

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